BASF Walltite Eco:

Walltite Eco is spray applied, polyurethane insulation that exceeds the industry standards set by the National Building Code of Canada.

Walltite Eco is environmentally friendly in every stage of its lifecycle. When compared to traditional insulating materials, it is more environmentally responsible in every way. It uses less energy to produce and less product to achieve the same level of performance. It is easier to transport and there is less wasted material. Walltite Eco also uses a significant amount of recycled materials.

Walltite Eco uses Zero-Ozone-Depleting Blowing-Agent Technologies approved by the United States Environmental Agency's Significant New Alternatives Program. This product has virtually no limitations. It offers maximum adhesion to almost any shape or surface and won't settle, sag or shrink over time. Walltite Eco is a perfect fit for curved walls, domes, turrets and cathedral ceilings. Walltite Eco is proven to improve energy efficiency and maximize the overall performance of a building.

By eliminating vapor movement and uncontrolled air leakage, this product helps eliminate mold, condensation, moisture and ice damming. By reducing the presence of these elements, Walltite Eco helps prevent the premature deterioration of the building.

Walltite Eco improves the indoor quality of a building by creating an airtight interior space free from pollutants, toxins, mold, fungi and allergens.


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